Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Links and Fresh Dismay

In conjunction with the post below, I've spruced up the blogroll and created a "movies" category. It includes The Criterion Contraption, whose author, Matthew Dessem, is writing about every DVD in The Criterion Collection. Dessem's thorough reviews, filled with illustrative still frames, are great. I was glad he hadn't gotten around to The Spirit of the Beehive yet. (But I’m eager to read it when he does.)

He says his next post will be a review of Chasing Amy, which leads me to exclaim: Chasing Amy made The Criterion Collection!!?? I know the vaunted imprint is not averse to recognizing current filmmakers or including work by them that isn't up to their best stuff (see: The Life Aquatic), but Chasing Amy? I suppose it's more mature than Kevin Smith's other work, but that's like saying Theatre of Pain is more mature than Shout at the Devil.

I'm stunned.

Anyway, enjoy the new movie links, and please don't let the torrent of a post directly below this one keep you from finding the AP headline a little further down the page -- it's one of my favorite recent examples of the genre.


Blogger Tim said...

There are a few stunners in the Criterion Collection. Another is that horrible asteroid movie with Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck. With the Aerosmith song? I've blocked its name from my head. Point is: Criterion honchos seemed to have opted, here and there, to go with movies that people would actually rent. I guess they were trying to make some money? Who knows.

I didn't know you liked Spirit of The Beehive? I love that movie. I love the Criterion Collection. Last Christmas they offered a boxset of something like 200 of their films for sale at once. Everyone I knew, I asked them to get it for me. It cost around 900.00$. Of course I didn't get it.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Nathan said...

Why Armageddon and The Rock are included in the Criterion Collection boggles my mind.

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Josh said...

Yeah I bought that Chasing Amy DVD when it came out - for 30 bucks. That was back when it was worth 30 bucks to me.

How many criterion movies can you now find at Wal-Mart in the 'under 9.99' bin?

(even that wouldn't be worth it for me now...)

12:18 AM  

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