Monday, October 02, 2006

Crystal Ball, However Cloudy

Indulge me a brief post predicting the results of the baseball playoffs. I'm excited about them. I'm also terrible at predicting them (in the early days of this blog last year, I predicted that the Astros would beat the White Sox, right before the White Sox swept them) and I like using the blog for things I'm terrible at, hoping that will somehow keep them from leaking into the rest of my life. What happens at ASWOBA stays at ASWOBA.

Anyway, here's another shot at this thing:

American League:
Yankees over Tigers in 4, Twins over A's in 5; Yankees over Twins in 7.

National League: Mets over Dodgers in 3, Cardinals over Padres in 5; Mets over Cardinals in 5.

World Series: Yankees over Mets in 6.

(I'm a Yankee fan, so this might make the crystal ball even cloudier than usual. So let me say this -- if the Twins get by the Yankees, I think they'll take the series over the Mets in 6 or 7.)

OK, non-baseball lovers -- I'm done. Please continue enjoying your time here. Of course, if you share my geekery, please leave your own forecast in the comments section.


Blogger Nathan said...

Tigers in five. I'll even predict the winner of each game:

Game 1: Yankees
Game 2: Tigers
Game 3: Tigers
Game 4: Yankees
Game 5: Tigers

It will unfold just like that. Or the Yankees will sweep. I have no idea but I'm nervous as hell. It's been twenty years since Detroit has been in the playoffs and we're just trying not to wet ourselves with excitement

6:07 PM  
Blogger Nathan said...

Hmm... it appears that my crystal ball was cloudy as well. Game 4 didn't go exactly as I had thought. For some reason I'm not too upset though.

The greatest lineup in baseball history... on paper.


4:18 PM  

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