Thursday, September 28, 2006

Men "Converting" Gay Men Back to the Straight Fold by...Cradling Them

You don't have to watch the entirety of this CNN clip about "gay conversion theory." It's filled with the insanity and sad self-denial you would expect. But if nothing else, watch starting at the 4:04 and 4:34 marks. I have no earthly idea how the reporter kept a straight face during those two moments, but I'm pretty sure she deserves a Pulitzer for the effort.

(Via The Stranger)


Blogger Jamal Alsaffar said...

Here's my take: this is just another used car salesman who makes a living off of suckers. Or to put it more sensitively, those gay men who feel guilty about their sexuality are being preyed upon by this reparative therapy industry.

What disturbs me is that this stills gets debated period, much less aired on "reputable" news programs. Shame on CNN for giving it any coverage.

But the 4:04 and 4:34 clips? Sweet.

4:35 PM  

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