Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cat Power Inching Toward Normalcy

The singer Chan (pronounced "Shawn") Marshall, who records under the name Cat Power, has long been notorious for concerts that go off the rails, fast. The Times recaps the problem:
It would seem that every fan has a Cat Power concert story: the time she mooned the audience, cursed out techies, talked to a squirrel (outdoors), played three chords and changed her mind (song after song) or played fragments of a few songs and then told everyone to get out, even encouraging fans to sue her.
The paper also reports that a pretty bad alcohol problem was at the root of that behavior. It turns out she hit her lowest point right around the time The Greatest was released this past January (it's still one of the year's best records, I think). But she's sober now, and supposedly putting on great shows. In addition to one of the coolest voices around, she's also, as you can see in this charming video for "Lived in Bars," really, really hot:


Blogger Fox said...

Just bought the album on the strength of this blog. As for hot, I'm a married man who spent a lot of money on his teeth.

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the hopes of getting you started blogging again, here's a story about a court in California (of course) who just ruled that Target can be sued under the Americans with Disabilities Act ... [drumroll] ... because Target's website cannot be used by the blind.

It may be time for you to get some bigger font.

-- matt/Comish

3:59 AM  

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