Saturday, September 16, 2006

"When you've loved and lost the way Frank has..."

Others have written in greater psychological detail than I ever could about the recent death of actor Bruno Kirby, but I'd like to add a belated "rest in peace." To me, Kirby's crowning achievement will always be a brief one -- his role as Tommy Pischedda, the band's limo driver in This is Spinal Tap. One of my favorite moments in the movie comes about 25 seconds into this scene (the entirety of which is great), when Nigel stares straight ahead while rolling up the window on Kirby's Frank Sinatra anecdote. Greatness.

Soon after Kirby passed, someone posted this outtake from the movie. It's long, and it features probably too much of Kirby in skimpy underwear ("too much" meaning "an amount able to be registered by the unassisted eye"). But it's funny.


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