Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lost in the Bronx

You can read here about a funny stunt put on by an improv troupe, in which one of their actors gets "lost" in Yankee Stadium trying to find his way back to his seat. The account is long, but you get the gist early on. The Yankees crowd becomes interested in Rob's journey, watching as he crops up in sections increasingly far-flung from his actual seat. Fans in his section offer up an appropriate Bronx cheer when he finally finds his way home. The whole thing is very good-natured, even this brief clip in which several fans start a "Rob's retarded" cheer. I love the little girl in the glasses when the camera pans up. We teach them young here. (Rob's the one laughing at the very end of the clip. Is it just me, or does he look a lot like Jim Carrey?)

(Via Deadspin)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummm, this actually happened to me. My first concert ever was Guns & Roses (let's just move on, shall we?). Before the concert, I had so many swigs of something called "Cactus Juice" (a cousin of Hot Damn!, and which I believe consisted of equal parts tequila, lemon/lime juice, and hatred for livers) that I lost all reasonability. A buddy and I went to the bathroom about 3 songs into the show. My buddy assured me he knew how to get back to our seats, and I was so drunk I followed him up and down the same, wrong aisles for the next half of the show.

Good times.


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