Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The esteemed "Comish," noted Lone Star litigator and frequent incisive commenter around here, should have his own blog. Really. It would be massively entertaining. I guess he's too busy "practicing law" and "securing his future" and "understanding that it's humiliating to have a blog," things I don't waste my time on. So, I'll take it upon myself to bring his vision to the world. This afternoon, he sent this analysis and visual aid:

Here's a picture of Paris Hilton after she was denied entry into Bungalow 8 and then burst into tears and had to be consoled by her friends. So naturally I was looking at this and thinking that maybe humanity should *not* be mercilessly wiped out by an asteroid the size of Argentina, when I noticed that Paris Hilton looks almost exactly like Marge after she’s been shot by Homer’s make-up shotgun:


Blogger MAW said...

He he! It's funny, cuz it's true!

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Michael said...

Sadly, she looks like that all the time.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Simon said...

*Points at Maw*

Ha Ha

9:39 AM  

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