Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I'm now officially a D-train rider, and this morning's maiden commute was not entirely pleasant, mostly because of three loud- (and foul-) mouthed teenage girls standing right next to me. Like many moments in New York, it reminded me that overpopulation isn't a problem because of resource distribution or the like, but because it means more exposure to people. And who needs that?

On that note, here's a photo of Coney Island from 1951, with text from the photo service, I believe:

Coney Island had been luring hot, weather-weary New Yorkers for more than a century when this photograph appeared in the March 1951 Geographic; the picture's caption claimed a count of 1.3 million bathers. Not actually an island at all (decades ago, silt filled the shallow creek that separated it from the rest of Brooklyn), Coney is said to have been named for wild crowds of a different sort: In the mid-1600s, Dutch sailors observing the frolics along its dunes knew it as Conyne Eylandt, or "rabbit island."


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