Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hello, Children

Apologies for the deep silence around here. Rest assured that I've missed you much, much more than you've missed me. I would tell you in detail how our heartbreaking separation is due mostly to Time Warner Cable's stubborn, seemingly purposeful incompetence, but that would just send me flying back into a rage that I've spent the past several days, if not weeks, learning to contain.

Deep breath.

Just know that blogging was the least of the casualties during this difficult time. I...I...bought a cell phone. As you've heard.

I've made my peace with that, too. The fact is, it's very difficult to maintain, simultaneously, a blog and a sense of yourself as a righteous Luddite. So.

The one unqualified good thing about the phone is that it includes a camera, which I've gone without for several years. That means more personal photos for all of you (for the thousandth time -- you're welcome). Here's one to get us started, inspired by Andrew Sullivan's "view from your window" feature. It's the view from my new apartment:


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