Thursday, September 28, 2006

Short But Sweet

Through Jim Hanas' blog, I just learned about the video artist who goes by PES. He's evidently most famous for a short film in which he animated two chairs having sex on a New York rooftop. I don't link to that, partly because it's not my favorite thing among what I've seen, and also because, well, chairs having sex is kind of creepy.

Instead, like Jim, I really enjoyed this short, in which explosions are represented by wrapping bows and Christmas ornaments. And maybe even more, I like the commercials he's done -- particularly this one for Coinstar, and this one for Bacardi "Limon," which might be my favorite (the lemon rinds-as-seahorses idea is brilliant).

Watching all of these will take, combined, maybe two minutes. So do it. You'll probably end up watching the rest of the stuff on his site. I can't be held accountable for those extra minutes.


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