Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pluto Perplexes Planet Professionals

If you haven't been following the drama surrounding whether to boot Pluto from the official list of planets, Dava Sobel has a good wrap-up here. Most entertaining is this paragraph, which ends with a question that is an exact mix of funny, pathetic, and touching.
On one side were major-planet purists who felt that bodies smaller than 1,500 miles in diameter (a size calculated to eliminate Pluto) should be dropped from the planet list. On the other side were Plutophiles who objected to arbitrary size discrimination. One Pluto specialist asked pointedly, "Is a dachshund not a dog?"
I imagine the major-planet purists would answer, "Yes, but a cockroach is not."

(Via Critical Mass)


Blogger Dezmond said...

I have also been following this story. I actually really like astronomy. I recently purchased a ridiculously expensive telescope with a computer in it more complicated than the space shuttle. I have yet to figure it out, I still take the damn thing outside and just point it towards things that might be cool. So far, I have been able to catch some fantastic detail of Jupiter (!), including 4 or 5 of its moons. Seriously, thing is cool. Anyway, I digress.

I say let Pluto go. It ain't a planet. And that asteroid (they ADMIT it is just a big asteroid) between Mars and Jupiter that they are now categorizing as a planet, that is bullshit too. The other two "new" planets are a body Formerly Known As Pluto's Moon, and another icy rock about three times further from us than Pluto. I say these are all BS. We've got 8 planets, end of story.

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