Friday, June 09, 2006

Dave Disses Dallas

Dave Barry has a highly objective analysis of the NBA Finals between Miami and Dallas, and he has some harsh (but funny, and often true) words for my former residence:
For now we should all salute both of these fine cities, which have so many reasons to be proud. Miami, of course, has its spectacular natural beauty, its exploding cultural scene, its vibrant nightlife, its sizzling Latin-Caribbean energy, its booming economy. Dallas, for its part, has a total of five Neiman Marcuses.

Both cities attract millions of visitors each year. They come to Miami to swim, dive, fish, boat, golf, shop, dine, enjoy the exciting club scene or simply ''kick back'' on the beach. They go to Dallas mainly to change planes...

I'm not saying that these two cities are unblemished paradises. Both have drawbacks: Miami is vulnerable to hurricanes, whereas Dallas is completely surrounded by Texas.
(Via A Glass of Chianti)


Blogger Apologia_Christi said...

Hello, my name is Daniel. My blog is called "Apologia Christi." I was just wondering through blogs and came across yours. The purpose of my blog is to "Discover & Promote Truth, Denounce Relativism, Tear-down Political Correctness, Protect and Defend Unborn Humans and commit to living according to classic, biblical Christianity as we, by the grace of God, are able."

Come by and check out the site. Feel free to leave comments and link if you would like.


Writer and Editor of Apologia Christi

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In light of the above, JW, I suggest you immediately replace the word "God" in your subtitle with "beer," "poontang," or "Susan Sontag." Your call.


1:24 AM  
Blogger JMW said...

Yeah, I didn't know how to break it to Daniel that I'm not a "classic, biblical Christianity" kind of guy. But I'm glad he dropped by and, hey, I do write about god from time to time, so I guess the subtitle stays.

And yes, it's 4:49 in the morning. How old am I again?

4:50 AM  

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