Friday, June 09, 2006

A Note on Timing

Yes, that last post was put up at 1:31. For two reasons:

1. I've had a touch of insomnia this week. (Which is indistinguishable, to the naked eye, from the many, many nights when I stay up until the same hour just because. But trust me, this time it's insomnia.)

2. When I first tried to post it, more than an hour ago, I got this message from Blogger:
Down for Maintenance
We are migrating databases to make Blogger stronger and better.
Stay tuned, we will be back shortly!
The site was back shortly, but I was still angry (though I know it's stupid of me to be angry at a mechanism that allows me to blog when it's down for an hour when I'm the type of person who, left to his own devices, can barely operate an old-fashioned television.)

Also, I respect the fact that Blogger is willing to ignore the facts when it has something to say, like the fact that migrate is not a transitive verb.


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