Thursday, March 09, 2006

Saletan Strikes Again

It might be wrong to conclude on only the evidence of a few essays, but if I could choose my first partner in an intellectual battle royal, I think I'd pick William Saletan. His piece about the pro-choice movement on Slate today is open-minded and thought-provoking, two of the last adjectives you'd use to describe the larger cultural debate about the subject.

He also, though, just has a great way with a phrase. At one point, he writes "...I'm not a lefty," and then he sums up one of the maddening reasons why I've always come to the same conclusion about myself:
Liberals treat judgment the way conservatives treat sex: forbid it, except when you're doing it.


Blogger Dezmond said...

Great article. Goes a long way in explaining why I could never be a liberal either. Despite my seemingly conservative bluster to counter the unreasonable Leftists in our cold and desolate and Northern regions, I consider myself pretty moderate. (At least for a Texan). But if I am going to err in swaying one way or the other, I want to err to the Right. There is at least substance behind some of their beliefs. This article shows very nicely some of the inherent problems and continued detachment from the mainstream that is today's Left. This is why you people keep losing elections.

I had an interesting experience while I was attending the University of Texas Law School. You might not imagine it, but Austin is actually a Leftist haven in the Right Wing Texas wilderness. That is why that city is so much fun, but also ridiculous. There is an area on the UT proper campus (as I am sure there are on most bigger universities), that is "designated" for various rallies, protests, and causes of the day (most on the Left perspective). But for a couple of days, there was a Pro-Life rally/protest there, and you would not BELIEVE the Left outrage. Various Leftist professors tried to get the rally banned (one professor even tried to drown them out with a bullhorn). Outraged students wrote to the school paper explaining why this rally should not be allowed to happen (yet there are various Leftists, commie protests, rallies and exhibits in that same area every day). The blown up photos of aborted fetuses might "upset" people too much. That's the point, that's the reality. You need to see what it actually looks like. Free speech is for everyone, not just for people who agree with you.

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, writing an essay about the entire Left based on one's meeting with "FIFTY leaders of pro-choice and feminist groups" is perhaps not the least judgmental act I, personally, can think of.

3:06 PM  
Blogger JMW said...

Well, defending Saletan, since he's my main concern here: I thought he used the meeting as a jumping-off point for broader analysis. (Yes, he got in some jabs at the attendees, but it's hardly a hit piece about them.)

3:23 PM  

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