Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Round-Up of Nourishing Items

I've been blathering a lot lately -- about the Oscars, about music, even the fate of the Democratic Party (I strain to think of something I'm less qualified to discuss). So time for a bit of random catch-up on other fronts:

--If you're in New York City on Wednesday night, go see Jon Fasman read at the South Street Seaport Museum at 7:00. Jon's a buddy of ASWOBA, the author of a novel that contains more knowledge than I've forgotten in my life, a fan of Sherlock Holmes, a tragic (by definition) Chicago Cubs fan, and -- for all those reasons and more -- a man worth supporting. Plus, what a place to have a reading -- I've already promised to ferry Jon back to Brooklyn in a canoe carved into the visage of Melville.

--Speaking of the Cubs (or their home, at least), check out some very cool pictures of Chicago. (Once inside, I recommend "view photographs by theme," but you can't go wrong.)

--Someone has a lot of free time, but that's the good news for us: they used it to film a live-action version of The Simpsons' opening credits sequence. (Via Andrew Sullivan)

--And while I'm here, how about an AP Headline of the Day? This one from the Disheartening Department: 'The Bachelor' Couple Says Romance Is Over


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