Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mmmmm...Doughnut Burger

On our second annual baseball tour this spring, my friend Jon and I are going to wend our way through eastern Texas. But we now have more reason than ever to plan the third trip back in the midwest: The Gateway Grizzlies, a Frontier League team located in Southern Illinois, are adding a concession item this season that boggles the mind, not to mention the arteries.

It's a burger with cheese and bacon, between a bun created by slicing a Krispy Kreme doughnut in half.

I point this out not only to disgust or entice you (based on the strength of your stomach and the perversity of your appetites), but because the ESPN article also notes this: the general manager of the team got the idea from a restaurant in Atlanta, "which has a similar sandwich called the Luther Burger."

But the article doesn't mention who the Luther Burger is named after. Nick, friend and fellow salt-mine worker of ASWOBA, and one-man encyclopedia of great anecdotes about musicians, once told me that Luther Vandross, looking for a midnight snack one night but fresh out of hamburger buns, created this monstrosity (and continued to make it in the future, after enjoying it so much). Though, if memory serves, Luther used two doughnuts for the bun -- no slicing one in half for him, no sir. I found this reference, which leaves the veracity of the story in doubt, but it rings true to me.

(Via Living the Scientific Life)


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