Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Working on Worthwhileness

I'm glad to be blogging again here. It's different than what I do at The Second Pass, on more than one level, and it's satisfying to keep something going that has no practical reason to continue going. I'm also frustrated. I get up in the morning and attend to a few basic things. I eat breakfast. I shower. I run an errand or two, when the errands are urgent enough to shock me from stasis. (I'm hoping to join a gym again soon, which has never worked out all that well for me, but which is becoming more and more imperative. So that will add something to the routine some mornings, for at least a little, optimistic while.) I try to do something — and sometimes more than one somethings — related to my books site. I leave for my job, which starts at 1:00, a little after noon. I stay there until 9:00 or so, and then come home to do things that include spending time with my girlfriend, more work on the books site/other writing, reading for pleasure/the books site, spending time (drinking/eating/etc.) with friends/family, watching TV, checking my e-mail, checking the box scores, and all the other things that range from wasteful to necessary and, taken together, constitute life. I now end up blogging, on most weekdays, sometime after midnight, and this doesn't leave me the time I'd like to make the posts as worthwhile as they might be. (Realizing that even eminently worthwhile is relative in this scenario.) I do feel reconnected to the blog, and I think this 30-day experiment will last past the month, but my circumstances are also much different than they were in the ASWOBA heyday (you know, the years covered in Ken Burns' nine-part documentary about the blog), and my intentions are sometimes outmuscled by reality. Tonight's Monday. One of my goals this week is to make it so that posting one thing each night, by the end of the week, results in efforts far more satisfying and less process-referential than this one. I make no promises. But I thank you for reading, as always.


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