Sunday, April 10, 2011


Now that I'm on a little bit of a roll, with this at-least-30-posts-in-30-days project, I really felt like I would have the next installment of my favorite 100 movies list up tonight. Remember that list? It began in February 1963.

Well, it isn't going to continue tonight, but will soon.

Tonight my brother-in-law very kindly took me and another gentleman out to Peter Luger for some high-quality artery clogging. Peter Luger is a steakhouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and it was my first time there. Zagat Survey has voted it the best steakhouse in New York for 26 years running, and this paragraph from Wikipedia gives a sense of its power to draw:
Among the current owners of the restaurant is Amy Rubenstein, wife of Howard Rubenstein, the legendary PR man whose clients have included George Steinbrenner, Rupert Murdoch, and Donald Trump. [Ed. note: Really, all I thought while reading this paragraph was, my God, that's a PR man who likes a challenge.] Famous guests have included James Cagney, Alfred Hitchcock, Robert De Niro, Henry Kissinger, Johnny Carson, and Jerry Seinfeld. [Ed. note: I removed Chuck Schumer from that previous sentence, because come on.] Tennis champion Pete Sampras also liked to celebrate wins at the U.S. Open by feasting at Peter Luger's.
Part of the reason I couldn't muster a stronger blog showing this evening was because I had enough porterhouse steak, German fried potatoes, and cheesecake to kill a lesser man. Perhaps even to kill myself — we'll see how the night progresses. Or doesn't.


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