Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Editor Colbert

The Stephen Colbert-edited Newsweek is on stands, and if the comedian's hilarious editor's letter is any indication of the issue's quality, I'll have to pick it up. Andrew Sullivan asked today, "Why are the comedians the only ones with the balls large enough to make sense?" (You should also watch the funny Colbert clip he links to.) Here's a piece of Colbert's letter, which is brief and should be read in its entirety:
I took advantage of my powerful new perch and published all my letters to the editor that NEWSWEEK had rejected, provided my Conventional Wisdom, took a red pencil to Meacham's editorial foofaraw and took the bias out of the columnist bios. Most important, I sent NEWSWEEK's reporters to find out whatever happened to Iraq. Unfortunately, this meant cutting the cover story they had planned: "Hey, Have You Heard About This Thing Called 'Twitter?' "


Blogger Nathan said...

I have a Newsweek subscription and quite enjoyed Colbert's contributions to the magazine. The magazine underwent a major facelift and reformatting two or three weeks ago and I like the direction it took. I spoke to another subscriber who hated the change. Weekly magazines, like daily newspapers, have to change. You can't sell "aged news" (as the Daily Show calls it), you have to bring more to the table.

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