Tuesday, June 09, 2009


QuizLaw has been running a series of bad lawyer ads. These are very much worth your time, in ascending order of craziness: One, two, three. (I guess the order of the last two is debatable. Style craziness goes to the middle guy. But for content, I'll take the third.) . . . Andrew Sullivan pointed out the online magazine Obit, devoted, of course, to people’s passing, and including things like a weekly roundup of notable deaths. . . . An appreciation of the great Richard Pryor. . . . To mark Conan O’Brien’s start at The Tonight Show, The New Republic posts five of his best politically inspired moments. . . . Doug Martsch briefly talks to Pitchfork about the upcoming Built to Spill record. (“There might be some things that were influenced by soul music, but it all just sounds like Built to Spill guitar music.”) . . . Question of the day: If you needed a heart, would you take a murderer’s?


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