Thursday, April 09, 2009

Toot Toot

Hate to toot my own horn, but here is part of what I wrote back on October 28:
So my sleeper team this year in the Eastern Conference is the Atlanta Hawks. . . . no one else is showing any confidence in them -- Sports Illustrated ranks them behind the rebuilding Pacers and the wait-what-city-do-they-play-in-again? Bobcats in the conference -- so I figure I'll stand behind them. Hawks to finish no worse than sixth in the east. You heard it here first (and probably last).
The Eastern Conference standings with just three or four games left for each team:

1. Cleveland
2. Boston
3. Orlando
4. Atlanta

It looks likely that the Hawks will host a first-round playoff series.

But wait. I'm not done. Also from that October post:
On the flip side, as bad as I expect the Knicks to continue to be, it’s hard to imagine a worse team on paper than the Sacramento Kings. Take Kevin Martin off that roster and you could dump it straight into the developmental league.
And the team with the worst record in the NBA as of tonight, at 16-61? The Sacramento Kings.

Now, did I also predict the New Orleans Hornets to win it all? Yes, I did. And is that likely to happen? No, it's not.


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