Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Crazies

I think at least one person got it right in discussing last week's gay marriage decision in Iowa: "There's no missing the midwestern tone to this decision. It reads very differently from the decisions granting marriage rights in Connecticut and California."

But of course, the high courts (and the voters) in Kentucky and Mississippi could decide along similar lines, and certain people -- like, oh, Michael Savage -- would still be warning us about the "gay puppet masters." Words fail.

Well, no, maybe they don't. Savage calls Obama a "Trojan horse" who's being used by "the gay mafia." (That group really needs its own Godfather trilogy.) Nice try. The Trojan horse is big enough to hold millions of Americans for whom this simply isn't a divisive issue. And millions more in each subsequent generation. Savage can keep pounding his drum, but he's lost the beat.

The infotainment elements of the right (emphasis on the "tainment") were getting pretty strident even when their party held the steering wheel. Now it seems that people like Savage and Glenn ("I don't understand how anyone watches him with a straight face") Beck are just more intent on playing to Crazytown.


Anonymous Kraig Smith said...

I hadn't seen this quote from Savage. Jeez. And to think that Obama's position on gay rights is one of my BIGGEST problems with him! Who knew?

Anyway, the good thing about the crazies is that it makes people appreciate more those whom we may disagree with, but who are NOT crazy.

5:50 PM  

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