Thursday, April 02, 2009

Girls, Girls, Girls (& Stuart)

Belle & Sebastian leader Stuart Murdoch has a side project coming out in June called God Help the Girl. To make it, he went on a search for female vocalists. Watching the promotional video below, I get the sense that: 1) The record's going to be worth hearing, and 2) Murdoch went on this search partly for vocal talent and partly to meet a parade of beautiful women. Celia Garcia: Wow.

(Via Stereogum)


Blogger figment said...

i was obsessing over this yesterday after seeing it on stereogum. i wholeheartedly agree with you on both your senses. oh, and he gets lost amongst all the girlsgirlsgirls, but neil hannon's also contributing, a pairing i'm pretty excited about. as my friend aptly put it, are we to expect "polished filmic pop" w/ strings and vague sarcasm?" count me in!

5:44 PM  
Blogger figment said...

oh, and there he is (neil) squeezed in amongst the fairer gender for a whole mili-second at around 5 mins 20 secs.

5:54 PM  

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