Monday, March 16, 2009

Mascots Rumble, Sort Of

I first heard about this mascot fight over the weekend. I was excited to write about it, but then the video let me down. It's clear that this wasn't as thrilling as it first sounded. But still, one mascot was paid $100 by a fan (my kind of fan) to rip the mustache off another mascot, with just seven seconds left on the clock and the game hanging in the balance. That's not nothing.

I feel like the one mascot backs off before it can really amount to a brawl, because he came to and realized that he wasn't encased in foam like the other guy. A bit more embarrassing to be in clear view, just a dude wearing chaps, fighting a big blue bull.



Blogger Miles Doyle said...

Pistol Pete should be ashamed of himself. Not only did he try to take on Big Blue from behind, he couldn't even bring him down. Those costumes are so top-heavy, it should be like knocking down a baby.

Pistol Pete did dishonor to the mustache.

9:24 AM  

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