Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Humility Report

Consider this an unofficial, infrequent new feature, in which I attempt to catalog just a sliver of the world’s most hysterical displays of ego. To get started, let’s look at two examples from the past. I detailed the first on a defunct sports blog. It’s a quote from Gilbert Arenas, NBA star, after he had a terrific night against the Dallas Mavericks:
I'm an assassin with the ball. I rebounded, dished the ball, scored. Like a point guard -- like a Jason Kidd or Gary Payton -- I just helped the team win.
I posted about the second -- one that will be tough to beat -- last year. It comes from an interview with Daryl Hall (of Hall & Oates fame). He said:
We are not an equal duo, and never have been. I'm 90% and he's 10%, and that's the way it is. . . . He is overshadowed by me because I'm such a strong vocal personality. . . . He's a really, really good guitar player. And he's a good singer. But you come up against me, and a good singer -- it's like, [makes squawking noise].
And now, here’s Miasha, author of the “street lit” novel Secret Society:
Secret Society is the book that I’m glad I wrote, and once people get the chance to read it, when you interview another author and ask them the question of, “Which book that is out there that you wish you wrote,” they will respond Secret Society.

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