Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mr. Modesty

I'm a pretty big Hall & Oates fan. And today, Pitchfork posts an interview with Daryl Hall. Seriously.

This is my favorite part, by far:
Pitchfork: People sometimes break the Beatles into these archetypal roles, Paul's the mother, George is the older brother, etc.-- do you ever think about the roles that you and John ended up assuming?

DH: I know the roles. I don't have to think about it. I lived the roles that John and I played together, and I know what John does, and I know what he doesn't do. And he knows what I do, and we're comfortable with it. And one of the reasons we're together is because we're so comfortable with it.

We are not an equal duo, and never have been. I'm 90% and he's 10%, and that's the way it is. And he'd say the same thing. He has plenty of ideas, he's a finisher, he's a good musician, he is an attention-to-detail person. He is overshadowed by me because I'm such a strong vocal personality. I also always believed that you can only have one singer in a band. The ping-pong thing doesn't work. We're not the Bobbsey Twins. He stands there, he's the quiet one -- it's sort of like Jagger-Richards or something. And I'm out there banging away. And I'm much more prolific than him. I have much more energy than him. He's more lazy than me -- [laughs] -- in music. But he's a meticulous person.

And he's my brother. And he is a very, very talented person. And he goes out and does solo work of his own, he just takes the guitar and goes out and plays. One thing people don't know about him is he's a great finger-picking guy. He's a really, really good guitar player. And he's a good singer. But you come up against me, and a good singer -- it's like, [makes squawking noise].


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