Monday, August 20, 2007

Homer the Holy

Hmm. If the church had taken this approach with me at an early age, it's possible -- not likely, but possible -- that I would have stayed in the fold longer than I did:
Homer Simpson and the Archbishop of Canterbury might seem unlikely bed-fellows but the Archbishop, Rowan Williams, has given his blessing to a scheme whereby a book called Mixing It Up With The Simpsons has been sent to youth advisors in every diocese in England. The book’s author, Church of England youth worker Owen Smith, says "The Simpsons is hugely moral with many episodes dealing with issues and dilemmas faced by young people." He believes the willingness of the show's writers to deal with questions of morality and spirituality makes it an ideal tool for reaching out to the young. The Archbishop has in the past expressed admiration for the show and was reported to have been approached to appear on it a few years ago.
(Via Bookforum)


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