Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quick Note On a Series On Hold

I don't know why Peter Gammons is already calling this the "worst World Series in memory." It's not over yet. What if the close of Game 5 leads to a great Game 6, and even Game 7? I also have no idea why he thinks that one way to avoid this week's delay would be "to figure a way to shorten the (regular season) schedule." Are severe rain storms impossible earlier in October?

To me, there's just one main lesson from the other night: Bud Selig is still the worst commissioner in the history of any major sport. Turns out (I'm a huge baseball fan, and I'm just learning this now, in preparing this post), it was decided ahead of time (by Selig) that Game 5 wouldn't end because of rain. On the one hand, that's smart -- if the Phillies had won it all after a six-inning game and a four-hour rain delay, that undoubtedly would be the worst World Series...ever. On the other hand, it seems kind of arbitrary that Selig decided this. It would be nice to have a much clearer rule on the books, for the future.


Anonymous Josh said...

I think he was right to not let the game be called regardless of the score, but he should have had the balls to postpone the game before it started.

But I really don't know who could have done better. Maybe we're just sick of this man and would be kinder to someone we respected.

9:49 PM  

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