Monday, October 27, 2008


If you still think atheists can’t be as big a censuring bummer as fundamentalists, think again. . . . Speaking of atheists, a worthy review of the new Bill Maher movie, Religulous. I can’t attend, as prolonged exposure to Maher’s smugness causes me to break out in hives. . . . I saw Oliver Stone’s W. recently. It kind of stunk, as I suspected it would. Slate recently gathered a roundtable (including Bob Woodward and Stone himself) to discuss the movie. . . . Crooked Timber has a post (and long comment thread) about “spreading the wealth.” Get your geek on. . . . Speaking of wealth, I still have no idea why a pouch of mackerel, no matter how close in value to a dollar, can stand in for money in prison when barely anyone wants to eat it. Besides that, though, I learned a lot from this article about prison economies.


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