Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weekend Entertainment from Buckley

Christopher Buckley is everywhere these days. He's even going to appear in another post around here in the next couple of days. This weekend, he's interviewed by Deborah Solomon in the New York Times. Two entertaining bits:
Have you always voted Republican?

I cast my first vote on my father’s lap in 1960, for Richard Nixon, in the voting booth. I was 8.

Is that legal?

I suppose it was voter fraud, technically. It was very exciting.


As an only child, did you find one of your parents easier to talk to than the other?

My mother. She got it. He often didn’t get it.

What didn’t he get?


He was a practicing Catholic. What are you?

I am post-Catholic.

As opposed to a lapsed Catholic?

I am probably more of a collapsed Catholic.


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