Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Bet you didn’t know that Butte, Montana, and Irish-Americans go together like ramma lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong. Read all about it over at Pacific Standard. . . . I know it’s not the most politically correct thing to say, but I really think that parenting licenses should be the wave of the future. . . . A 106-year-old nun living in Rome, who hasn’t voted since 1952, is going to cast a ballot for Obama. . . . These British public-service ads from the 1970s are hilariously scary. Especially the first. . . . According to a study, New York is the most courteous big city in the world. . . . I may have already set off a panic earlier this week, so apologies for doing it again -- but, it’s possible, just possible, that Jesus will come back as a shark.


Anonymous philosoraptor said...

Interesting that the nun manages not to express anti-black prejudice, but still gets in a dig at "those Eastern people".

7:53 PM  
Anonymous jpw said...

Thumbs up on the 'parental licensing' idea....
SERIOUSLY. I had an experience at the playground last weekend that really gave me pause.... remind me to tell you about it next time we talk. (Saying 'Nazi Dad' should suffice as a reminder).

5:17 PM  

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