Monday, October 13, 2008

An Immature Intermission

Please allow me a childish rant. If baseball loyalty doesn't excuse childishness, I don't know what does:

I hate Dice-K and that stupid rocking motion he does before every pitch.

I hate Kevin Youkilis and his stupid goatee and his even stupider batting stance. He looks sooooo stupid.

I hate that my antipathy for the Red Sox has me rooting hard for a team that's younger than my youngest sibling, is also a rival of the Yankees, plays in the ugliest stadium on the planet, and draws to that stadium more fans for the other team than for itself. Yuck.

I like, though, that the Rays are up 5-0 early in Game 3.


Anonymous pf said...

Never one to pass up the chance for a childish rant .... could I please add, said team doesn't have the balls to keep the word "devil" in their name -- kind of a dumb name that's infinitely dumber without it, and opens the way for that stupid little sparkle thing on their logo. Puh-lease!

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found this post because I googled "I hate Kevin Youkllis." It's true. He sucks. I live in Boston and hate the Red Sox. Hopefully this is the last game of the season ... Go Team-Playing-The-Red-Sox!

11:19 PM  
Blogger Katy said...

at least you are honest! b/c truly your "hate" is misguided...even Pena said game 5 was one of the best games ever...and it was...for the love of the game, i insist you open your heart...sure, you "hate" the Sox, but are you saying you don't respect them? for f*ck sake! I dealt with a lifetime of loss as a Sox fan, and "hating" the Yankees, but i have always appreciated talent...your hatred is, to be blunt, reveals an immature character that frankly i think you are better than...
If you can't at the very least appreciate or respect the Sox at this point, I just don't get how yu can expect me to honor you with the same basics...

I am not asking you to be a Sox fan, but c'mon, be a REAL fan of the game!!! Or as they say, "Be a good sport!"

1:04 AM  

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