Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Over at Pajiba, I review the new western directed by (and starring) Ed Harris:
Take a typical western's plot. By which I mean, take Appaloosa's plot: A wrong is committed. The wrong must be avenged. The wrong is difficult to avenge, so the job will require a flinty, principled man who puts nothing above The Avenging. The man is, it hardly needs saying, outnumbered. Badly. And even with The Avenging at the top of his to-do list, said man will have to make some awfully tough decisions along the way. Some of these decisions will place the lives of innocent people in the balance. This man might have a short temper, but he is essentially Decent and Good. Don't expect him to talk about his feelings, because, as the poster for Appaloosa makes clear: "Feelings get you killed."


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