Friday, September 19, 2008


While the financial market going topsy-turvy isn't an everyday occurrence, the art market can be depended on for remarkably steady signs of insanity. . . . Speaking of the financial market, will its dire straits mean really bad news for my city? Megan McArdle thinks it might. . . . My friend sent me this clip in an e-mail whose subject line was “You will laugh until you embarrass yourself.” That wasn’t far off. . . . There’s a 10th-anniversary DVD of “Sports Night,” one of my favorite TV shows, coming out later this month. I hope the super-special anniversary bonus will be that the discs don’t frequently skip like the original box set I bought years ago! . . . Film Forum has more pretentious patrons per square foot than any other theater in America, and probably the world. But it does have the goods. Last night, I caught This Happy Breed as part of the theater's David Lean retrospective. From 1944, it was based on a Noël Coward play about 20 years in the life of a British family between the wars. Highly recommended.


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