Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rooting for...Something Worth Watching

As a loyal Yankees fan, I have to hate the Red Sox, and I do. But I honestly don't care if they win this World Series. I'm rooting against them, but now that "the curse" is broken, their victory wouldn't upset me. They spend a hell of a lot more money than the Rockies, so according to the conventional wisdom, they should win.

I'm hoping for a Rockies win tonight simply because the last three World Series have been deeply uncompetitive and dull -- and the last memorably competitive one was six years ago when the Diamondbacks beat the Yankees. (The Giants and Angels went seven games in 2002? Huh.) It would be nice to have a compelling series, but the Rockies who showed up last night aren't going to provide it. I'm hoping they remembered overnight that they had (somehow) won 21 of 22 games heading into this series. The first couple of innings tonight will share time with 30 Rock, but after that baseball will have my full attention...


Blogger Katy said...

While I relate to you on nearly every topic you post about, and/or am inspired by you,
I must say:
you yanks fans are so polarizing!

and oh what prolific bullies!

you owned (and relished/rolled yourself all up in) the 20th century

welcome to the 21st, baby!

RED SOX VICTORY sure feels valid and glorious to me!!!

After a lifetime of loss,
I can honestly tell you,
you must've never had a taste
of truth the way we Red Sox Nationers did.
I mean, can you even fathom loving a losing team all your life?
No, obviously you can not.

I am not bitter about all the years I was subjected to the Yankees (fans) bullying and boasting and ego and torture...I was born into loving the Sox, and I never tasted a Series triumph until I was 27 (days away from 28). I am 30 now, will be 31 a week from today, and I feel a sweet success that perhaps you truly can't conceive...
So be it.
Any true Yanks fan could never cheer on the Sox, just as any true Sox fan could never cheer for the Yankees. But let's be big enough to respect the game and say that, at least with age, one can appreciate great athletes, great athleticism, great discipline, great flukes, and even greater skill and cohesion.

Sportsmanship is what the Series should be about, in theory, and any sweep is undeniably phenomenal. A s ox sweep is specifically so, if unappealing from your end. Just check the ratings, my friend.

Red Sox Nation is here, and you can no longer throw your arrogance and brutality at us with such spoiled, coddled, privileged abandon. Eat it gracefully, as I learned to do for the majority of my life.

Red Sox fan 30 years and counting...


3:30 AM  

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