Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Second Song

OK, that post below was more of an essay with video support. So, here's a proper song for the middle of the week. It's Neil Young and The Band doing one of my favorite Young songs, "Helpless." It's from the beloved concert movie The Last Waltz. The best moment might come at the very start, when Young walks on stage and privately says to Robbie Robertson, "Thank you, man, for letting me do this," and Robertson says, "Oh, sure. Are you kiddin'?" And then louder, "Are you kidding?" Enjoy:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the greatest films ever made. Also one of the best live albums. It is well worth it to get the more recently released 4 disc box set of the show. The newly available material is just as good as what was originally released, and the whole thing has been remastered beautifully.

This is my favorite version of "Helpless". Whenever I make my Neil Young mixes, it is invariably the Last Waltz version of "Helpless" that ends up on it. A couple of funny things about that clip: the ghostly female singer who is singing from backstage is Joni Mitchell, she was evidently too shy to join them onstage at that moment (although she did her own set later). The best story, though, is that when Neil Young came out onstage, he had a huge, visible chunk of cocaine hanging out of one of his nostrils. On all recently released versions of The Last Waltz, Robertson and Scorsese had the piece of cocaine digitally removed from the print. True story. Good times.


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with you on this

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