Wednesday, August 22, 2007


When I said I would write about things other than the horses this week, I really didn't mean other sports -- but this is too big not to mention. The Texas Rangers beat the Baltimore Orioles tonight, 30-3. It was the most runs scored by one team in the modern era of big-league baseball. In 1897, the Chicago Colts (now the Cubs) scored 36 runs in a game. But since 1900, the record had been 29, accomplished twice, by the Red Sox (1950) and White Sox (1955).

So, kind of a big deal. I think two things make it particularly amazing. First, the Rangers scored all 30 runs in only four innings -- five in the fourth, nine in the sixth, 10 in the eighth, and six in the ninth. Secondly, the bottom third of the lineup carried most of the weight. The Rangers' six-through-nine hitters went a combined 13 for 19 with 16 RBIs and 14 runs scored. That includes a three-run homer by Ramon Vazquez with two outs in the ninth to set the mark.


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