Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Supporting Material

Over at the newest addition to my nascent blog empire, Existent Light, you can see some more photos from the past week.

On the bookshelves at the lake house, I found a vintage copy of The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. In it, Peale recounts an anecdote about a stressed-out businessman who's told by a preacher to spend a decent amount of time each week in a cemetery, to remind himself that the wheels of business will keep turning without him. To remind himself that he's not only dispensable, but will inevitably be dispensed with. As it happened, our friend recommended we see a cemetery just up the hill from the other house we stayed in. The humble space features some recent graves, but many from the 1800's, and some as far back as the late 1700's. I don't know the etiquette of taking photos in such a place is, but I took some, and posted a few here.

In a more spontaneous moment, on our way to Saratoga Springs for dinner one night, we pulled off the road to admire a hulking old structure that was probably used to manufacture one of the many things that used to support the upstate economy but no longer do. Some shots of that are here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you liked the cemetery in upstate NY you should (if you haven't already) check out the one adjacent St. Patricks downtown.

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