Saturday, July 14, 2007

Death by Leisure

It seems you've been visiting with something resembling regularity while I'm away, which is nice of you. Of course, as one friend put it, "I checked the blog this morning to see if you had gotten your shit together to post anything," and that's less nice. I do wish I rewarded your loyalty with greater frequency. I wish many things.

Leisure is getting the better of us up here, not in the sense that we want it to end, but in the sense that we're running out of leisure activities. We've gone on a walk through a nature conservancy; we've spent time in a lake; we've grilled food, we've fried food, we've eaten raw food; we've flicked large beetles off each other; we've dealt with a bat in a house (much more on that when I return for real in a day or two); we've read sitting on a deck, on a screened-in porch, on a recliner; we've watched several episodes of Veronica Mars (more on that soon, too); we've had a fair share of ice cream and wine; we've gazed at fireflies, bunny rabbits, and chipmunks; we've driven over sun-dappled farm roads and through ferocious rainstorms; we've spent time in Albany and Saratoga in addition to the smaller towns in which we've been generously housed; we've been mostly staying offline and unplugged; and we've been wondering -- or at least I have -- exactly how this re-entry to city life is going to work. Twenty-four hours till we find out.

I hope everyone is well. Some pictures and longer stories from the trip will go up here over the next few days, but I also have plenty of material for posts that don't exclusively concern my recreational life. More soon.


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