Monday, July 02, 2007

Run Off the Pain

Starting tomorrow afternoon, I'll be north of the city for two days to celebrate our magnificent country's independence. Then, Friday afternoon I'll be driving further upstate for 10 days of relative solitude (the rarely-mentioned girlfriend will be with me) and ease.

On the second trip, I hope to bring my running sneakers. Like most sentient creatures without weight issues (other than my occasional need to gain more of it), I try to avoid exercising, but I've always found it persuasive when people say it has an effect on getting rid of depression. Now I read today (via Andrew Sullivan) that rats who run are more likely to fend off the blues. I'll give it a shot and report back with the results.

In the meantime, though, the blog will remain operational. In fact, before the big second trip, I'm going to post about Cormac McCarthy, an animated rat (not relating to depression), and my shorter getaway for the Fourth. Even during the second trip, I'm going to try to find a day or two (and a wired place or two) to post.


Anonymous pf said...

I love this. I'm picturing you on a human-size hamster wheel.

As you know, I got myself entered into the NYC marathon this fall (like a huge dumbass -- picture ME on a human-size hamster wheel) so I've started making myself run several times a week. I wouldn't say "happy" is the first thing I'm getting ... but eventually (after enduring small bouts of feeling like hell) you do feel great. (Well, so far, I guess I'm only up to "capable," but I'll take it.) Anyway, seems to me you should ease your way into it, so you'll be less likely to hate it. Maybe take a brisk walk through the park every day for a while. Just make sure it's fun for you. I mean, what if they made the rats do things they hated, like bench pressing? It would just make them all the more miserable.

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