Monday, April 09, 2007

"You want anarchy!!"

Holy mama. If you had asked me at the dawn of the millennium to write down a list of cultural events that might happen in the 21st century, one of my predictions would have been, "A fight on a TV talk show will lead to someone's death on air." We almost got lucky with a two-fer here, as Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera do look, at one point, like they are going to simultaneously devour each other. That point is at about the 3:00 mark. Geraldo comes off as, well, sane. (I'm as shocked as you are.) O'Reilly comes off like a mixture of Mussolini and Morton Downey Jr., if that even counts as a "mixture." I know clips of people losing it on air frequently make the rounds, but this is really worth watching. (Via QuizLaw)


Anonymous pf said...

Well, THAT was certainly entertaining -- not to mention unexpected, in that for once Geraldo looked like the more reasonable party. Not that either is entirely infallible here, but Geraldo is right (dear God, what have I just said...?) to attack Bill for making this an immigration issue. Bill is hopelessly devoted to (and shamelessly perpetuates) the fantasy that law can make us immune from danger. If Alberto's going to drive drunk, let's just make sure he does it where the lives he'll endanger are not American lives. I also loved to see him shouting to have the law enforced. If it were, his friends might lose their nannies and housekeepers or whatever other cheap, non-union, benefit-free labor that makes their lifestyles cushy and their businesses lucrative.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back in Texas last week, watching the Mavs play with my father, I was scanning your blog. My father noticed the O'Reilly shot, and we commenced a 45 minute re-enactment of the argument. I played Geraldo, my father played O'Reilly, as usual. There was some yelling, but nothing so angry or hateful as in the segment. Unfortunately, as our arguments go, things got slightly personal -- my father conceded that he would probably call me anarchist. I said he was a cranky 80 year old man (he's 60) unable to reconcile himself with a world that does not resemble his favorite 1950's westerns. He later apologized for being harsh via email, so maybe I wasn't so accurate about the crotchety old man comment. I know 40 year old's who don't know how to email...or apologize.


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