Sunday, April 08, 2007

Click, Click. Click, Click, Click. Click.

I'm going to get a camera soon, I can feel it. It really shouldn't be such a difficult process. The market is out there, just waiting to satisfy my needs.

And when I do, I'm going to try to avoid becoming obsessive about projects, though I'm quite entertained by others and their efforts. It seems increasingly common for people to take a photo of themselves every day and share the results with the world. Like this guy, who's been keeping tabs on himself for seven years, including some recent and very unfortunate facial-hair decisions.

There's a similar idea going on here, with "Noah K. Everyday," and I have to say that I think these projects, while fascinating, would be more palatable if the subjects didn't feel it necessary to consistently adopt an expression that says, "My dog just died." I know it's meant to act as a control, but might a smile not work just as well for that purpose? I really like the side project Noah did backstage at a VH1 awards show, where he posed with a series of celebrities, adopting that identical deadpan look each time.

Less overwhelming, if not much less solipsistic, is this series that a family has taken of itself once a year since 1976.

Lastly (or, second-to-lastly, actually), there's this series by Nicholas Nixon, who annually took a picture of four sisters. A friend and I saw these beautifully displayed at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth about a year ago.

Lastly (for real this time), you can find many more projects of varying interest at the site of the first guy I mentioned above. And with that, we've come full circle.

The next post around here will be a milestone, so I may be slightly delayed in producing it. Don't want to disappoint the fans.


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