Friday, January 19, 2007

Q's and F'in A's with Martin Amis

Friend JF pointed me to this priceless interview of sorts, wherein Martin Amis answers questions from readers of the Independent. I agree with JF that Amis' literary taste lacks spark (asked about the greatest living American novelist, he answers Updike, Roth, and DeLillo, which is about the safest -- no, dullest -- possible answer). But more often than not, he's blunt and funny. Asked if he worries that he inherited some of his father Kingsley's misogyny, he replies: "To spell this out: I am not only a feminist -- I am a gynocrat. That is to say, I believe in rule by chicks."

Then there's this exchange:
The phrase "horrorism", which you invented to describe 9/11, is unintentionally hilarious. Have you got any more? --JONATHAN BROOKS, by email

Yes, I have. Here's a good one (though I can hardly claim it as my own): the phrase is "fuck off".


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