Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday in the Park

I'm getting awfully crusty these days. Apologies. I know it's not all the subway's fault. It's not all the fault of smarmy aspiring writers at cocktail parties, or people who walk too slowly in front of me, or my upstairs neighbor, who even as I type this seems to be simultaneously watching a Jackie Chan movie and old episodes of Club MTV through speakers the size of refrigerators. I mean, in fairness, I haven't been on the subway in 24 hours, and I met a few very nice aspiring (and accomplished) writers at a party last night, and perhaps my neighbor is just incredibly hard of hearing. Some of this has to be me, and the fact that, even at 32, I'm genetically wired to resemble these guys, at least on the inside:

I'm writing to say that today, in Prospect Park, I got a reprieve. It was a cold December day (cold, finally!), and the park was sparsely populated and not shy about displaying its beauty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A guy at the Guardian agrees with you on Borat. And he's got a point. But what does it say about my psyche that I agree with him in re. Candid Camera, but I think Borat is hilarious?:,,1959463,00.html

"The humour of humiliation has become distressingly popular. The success of the film Borat is the latest example. I disliked it and was angered by it. I admit to laughing quite often because parts of it are very funny, but those parcels of enjoyment were trivial when set against the film's essential cruelty. I am not referring to the jokes that send up national, ethnic or religious stereotypes and characteristics. There were plenty of those, some of which were in bad taste and offensive but often hilarious. Fine. My objection is to the exploitation of the naive, the trusting and the ignorant for the sake of a joke. What Borat did was to inveigle ordinary, harmless people into participating in what was promised to be a documentary; the real motive was to abuse their cooperation by making them the objects of ridicule."

-- Comish

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Comish, I agree,in part, with the reviewer. I remember feeling a keen sense of pity and embarassment on behalf of the frat boys in the RV, for example.

Oh, and JDub, love those photos of Prospect Park. There's a perfect six-mile loop there for running, if you're ever feeling ambitious. I say this with a wry grin (because of the running part, not the ambitious part).


9:57 AM  

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