Friday, December 22, 2006

Nothing Could Be Finer

A great diversion over at CityRag: A list of the 50 greatest cartoons (as voted on by the industry a dozen years ago), with links to videos for all but six of them. Here's one I particularly enjoyed. The scat rendition of the Big Bad Wolf story at the end is something to behold. They don't make 'em like they used to. This is from 1946:

To read more about the original cartoon -- of which this is only a scene -- go here:
The quiet doesn't last for long as Daffy launches into a wild, short version of La Cucaracha. This short segment has a plain background, suggesting it was cartooned separately and inserted tentatively, possibly due to some slight innuendos Daffy makes about a girl named "Cucaracha", parodying Lucky Strike cigarette ads: "so round, so firm, so fully packed, so easy on the draw!"... In perhaps the most outrageous double-take in animation history, Daffy turns into a giant eyeball - complete with lashes and blood vessels - when first coming face-to-face with the Wolf before also screaming, and running for his life.
(Via Pajiba)


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