Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Breaking news from the There Must Have Been Some Mistake Department: The judges for Norm Geras' recent short-short story competition have seen fit to say nice things about my work. Bless them. And thanks to Norm for the chance to play.

I'm now in Saratoga for the first of my annual five nights filled with recreational drinking, fairly heavy eating (by my standards; one friend has been continually referring to my "manorexia" these days), and intense feelings of celebration/regret about how the ponies are treating me. Tomorrow is our first day at the races, so wish me luck.

The story I submitted to Norm's site was a highly condensed piece of a longer thing I've been working on intermittently. (I would use the word "novel," but given the fact that I've never completed a short story to my satisfaction, that seems a bit silly for the time being.) Anyway, the longer thing is set, mostly, in Saratoga, so I'm hoping to spend at least one day away from the track taking some notes about the local environment. I'll spare you that boredom, but I'll likely give you a brief recap of each day's gambling, making a special effort to limit the number of terms that none of you will understand.


Anonymous jpw said...

Hey--nice going on the short-short story contest, ASWOBA! I really loved your entry and the judges' laudatory comments were right on the money. Now get movin' on that "longer thing," eh? You'll be able to display it on the counter of your cheese shop in 'Toga and generate local buzz.

3:43 PM  
Blogger lmha said...

Seems to me the only mistake is that you got 2nd. That, and you underestimating your mad writing skillz. Congratulations! And keep it up!

9:41 PM  

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