Monday, May 29, 2006

Preserving the Williams Clan Legacy

Funny anecdote:

Home in Texas last week, one morning I was fielding questions from my 10-year-old sister, Taylor, and her friend, who were fascinated by my iPod. (They each have one of the smaller ones -- "nano"? -- so it was more material jealousy than fascination, I guess.) Dad was standing nearby, and the following conversation occurred (and just so I limit the number of parenthetical asides below, let me say here that everyone in my family has a nickname. These handles vary in the silliness of their back stories and the obscurity of same, and Taylor's nickname is Scrunch):

Taylor: What kind of music do you like?
Me: Just, you know, rock music. R.E.M., U2...have you heard of them?
Taylor: I think so. (Ed. Note: I felt 342 years old in this moment.)
Dad: He likes the same crap you like, Scrunch.
Taylor: Good. I'm glad someone understands my heritage.


Blogger MAW said...

Music certainly ages you long before grey hair and wrinkles, doesn't it? I went to a U2 concert several months and go and was despondant that I was one of the youngest people there which, ironically, made me feel impossibly old.

7:02 PM  

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