Monday, April 24, 2006

Bottle Rocket, Version 1.0

Bottle Rocket will figure prominently on my favorite movies list, if and when I'm desperate for a list again. (Right, right. When.) The full-length movie, Wes Anderson's directorial debut, was based on a 13-minute film, and Pop Candy links to that original short today. Part of me is reluctant to post this, because the visual and sound quality is not very good (I couldn't even hear it on my work computer, but I can at home), but I'm too big a geek for the movie to restrain myself.


Blogger Dezmond said...

'Bottle Rocket' will figure prominently on my list as well. PLEASE, post a movie list. That would be fun.

Each of Wes Anderson's films is slightly less great than the previous. 'Bottle Rocket' is genius-funny, 'Rushmore' was just about as great...then we start to fall. 'Royal Tanenbaums' starts to recycle, and 'The Life Aquatic' sucked ass.

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