Friday, April 21, 2006

More Eavesdropping Entertainment

Sometimes, I imitate Gawker. But more often, I'm going to do my impression of Overheard in New York, because I can't help myself. It's a great city for hearing bizarre and funny things, the one benefit of not being able to get away from people.

This was a conversation between two film nerds at a Brooklyn bar last night. The guy was getting prematurely gray, probably in his mid- to late-30s. The woman was a little younger and Asian, not that either of those descriptions matter.

Woman: I watched that movie you recommended with a friend the other day. It really grossed us out.
Man: Oh, sorry. I hope I didn’t ruin your friendship.
Woman: No, no.
Man: I saw this great, really creepy movie the other day.
Woman: What’s it called?
Man: It’s called Writhing Tongue.
Woman: Is it Japanese?
Man: Yeah, it’s about a girl who gets tetanus.


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