Thursday, April 13, 2006


This story (via Pop Candy) about change-counting machines offering to convert your money directly into iTunes gift cards is depressing news -- mostly because there's almost no question I'm going to take them up on it every time I cash out my change, which usually happens when I'm up to about $150 of it.

Really, why don't I just redirect the biweekly deposit from my corporate overlords away from my old-fashioned "bank" and straight into an iTunes account? Why don't I move away from New York, get a much cheaper apartment, and plop the difference down on iTunes? No, moving's too much trouble, and the $49.99 I would spend on a van can be spent on five full albums on iTunes. Why don't iTunes employees just break into my apartment every night and steal things (autographed books, household appliances, my few decent items of clothing) and auction them off on eBay, placing whatever profit they make into an iTunes account for me? Why?


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